Arran Gems by Assja B.

Artisan Jewellery  Handmade on the Isle of Arran, Scotland

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Hello! My name is Assja and I live on the Isle of Arran in the west of Scotland. The island is my creative playground. It inspires me with its ever changing seas and skies, with the vibrant colours of its summer gardens, the golden bracken in autum

When I throw the impressions of my years spent working and travelling abroad and my multicultural background into the mix, I get a cauldron full of inspiration to work with. I started out a few years ago by making colourful bracelets and necklaces from glass, gemstones and crystals. Over the years, the wish  to recycle, upcycle and repurpose materials has become stronger. Sea glass jewellery, mixed media pieces and an enormous collection of beads, chains and strange items that might end up in a piece of jewellery are the result. When I finally discovered that the combination of Dremel, blow torch and being a girl doesn't have to be lethal, I knew  that there are no limits to my creativity.

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