Arran Gems by Assja B.

Artisan Jewellery  Handmade on the Isle of Arran, Scotland

Commissions have become a considerable part of my work. Sometimes, someone will bring a piece of sea glass,  broken china, a beautiful pebble or gemstone, parts of old necklaces or even a rusty key and hope, that I will turn them into a stunning piece of jewellery. It is a bit like "Ready - Steady - Cook": The ingredients dictate the form of the finished product. - Occasionally people will ask for a duplicate of a jewellery piece. This is something, I can't do. But I can come up with a similar one. All my pieces are unique pieces and I don't buy beads with the idea to make masses of the same. The exception are orders for tiaras, bridesmaid and flower girl jewellery. Some materials like sea glass don't  come in multiples anyway. But if you desire an original piece, I can help you. Just drop me a note.

A lady brought me this lovely dark red piece of sea glass and three charms, wishing them to be turned into a necklace. I set the glass in copper, added sterling silver spacers and lined it up on leather string with sterling findings.

This necklace was a present from a Mum to her daughter, who is a keen swimmer and dreams of becoming a doctor. She wanted charms and the "feeling of water". I think, crystal glass in shades of  blue and green were the right choice.

A statement necklace for a young lady who wanted something burgundy and black to wear at a wedding. And she wanted it to make an impact. This slightly gothic piece with leaves, flowers and silver charms certainly is an eye catcher.

A bracelet for a bunny lover.

Tiaras and bridal jewellery with pearls and Swarovski crystals can come in any colour scheme the heart desires.

A turquoise piece of sea glass that had to be paired up with a sterling silver fish.

One of three bracelets commissioned as prizes at a golf tournament.

A furled leaf cuff in hammered copper with fine silver accents

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